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Bush Poetry Corner

I have reviewed a few genealogy and shipping list on the web and here give my opinions of them. These opinions are mine and mine alone and are based on my experiences when visiting the mentioned site.

Tall Ships UK

Go check out this great site

For lovers and dreamers of Tall Ships this site is a must. It includes information on Tall Ships, merchandise for sale as well as links to many other sites. A lot of the information tends to be towards the modern, but let's face it we all like to dream


Wes Anderson, director

One of the sweetest and funniest movies of the 90s. Some people didn't like the main character, but I found him fascinating and charming in a squirmy sort of way. Also one of the best and least contrived happy endings I've seen in a movie recently. Bill Murray is great!
- Submitted by Jim


Josh Rouse

A quirky sophomore effort by a singer-songwriter to watch. Starts strong ("Marvin Gaye" and "Direction" are standouts) but eventually all the songs begin to sound alike, which is unfortunate. Josh should maybe hire a producer more willing to experiment with his sound.
- Submitted by Patricia