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Bush Poetry Corner

If you enjoy writing poetry about Queensland in days gone by, genealogy, or subjects that you feel go along with the magizine content please feel free to submit

If I Could Only Write

By the campfire I am dreaming and feeling sense of pain
I'm thinking of you mother as the light begins to wane
Wondering why I'm lonely and wondering why I'm sad
There's such a lot to tell you since I wandered as a lad.

Long ago I left you and my homeland far behind
This land is now my country and it's "right" within my mind
But this sadness overcomes me and I wish to pen a line
To assure you I'm happy and everything is fine.

Many years I've walked the gully - many years I've searched for gold
I've fought the isolation and I've cursed the heat and cold
I've used up all the paper and I've used up all the rags
My toes are poking through my boots- my clothes are made from bags.

Now I'd like for me to tell you I've struck it rich at last
The futures looking brighter and the hungers in the past
The gold is shining brightly and I've sewn it all up tight
I could tell you all about it - "If I could only write"!

There'll be a house upon the hill with windows glowing bright -
To show us where the welcome is - on the dark and dreary night
The sun will always shine for us and the moon will always glow -
There'll be a bit of home in every where we go!

But the dream has come a little vague and the fires going out -
My feet are feeling numb again - my heart is full of doubt - I'm feeling awfully feeble and I've almost lost my sight
But I'm sorry I can't reach you - "I wish I'd learned to write"!

Jessie Berry

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