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A page from my Gr/Gr/Grandfathers journal written around 1870 gives his opinion on Immigration:

A great mistake to quote Scriptures and say "Be thou content in the land which the Lord thy God hath given unto thee." What an absurdity. If every man stayed in his own Country and never went out of it, it stands to reason the Country would soon be overpopulated. As a rule the Immigrants from any Country are generally the most pushing and energetic and the founders of future Cities and Empires. Those that stay at home and are content to dawdle their lives away in some obscure spot are the neer-do-wells, the nondescripts of Society, men who are forever tied to their mothers apron strings. No ambition, no life, no nothing, a mere piece of animated machinery anchored down in the spot only to be aroused or torn from their anchorage at the day of judgement. No I never wished to be one of these class of individuals but preferred to seek fresh fields and pastures new. But my objects were not attained before a long period had passed over. I do not think that had I been put to the profession I most coveted I should at this moment be far advanced on the road to prosperity in a good and honourable career. My natural abilities, tastes, all tended in that direction and if I had only been shown some encouragement be it ever so slight my path in life would not have been as erratic as what it now is. Of my playmates and companions little can be said. They are about all married and have families, some are dead, others I suppose are wanderers on the face of Gods Earth same as my self. What their ultimate fates will be I know not. Probably we shall meet the same fate, may die alone and uncared for in some weird savage land amongst hordes of incarnate savages. Perhaps furnish a substantial flesh feast for a number of dusty warriors whose fathers before them were also eaters of human flesh. What odds about fate as long as the spirit has flown. All the tortures of the dammed cannot avail anything. The only puzzle to me is "If I were roasted and eaten by a horde of cannibals, how could I and where should I rise at my last day. Surely my body would not be endeavouring to collect itself into some semblance to human shape from the stomachs of some two dozen savages!! " But what irrelevant remarks to be sure.

Enos Berry